15 Best Cartooncrazy Alternatives to Watch Cartoon Online in 2023


Ever since televisions came, everyone as kids has loved cartoon. Even as adults we envision ourselves as characters in the cartoon movies and shows that we watch. Cartooncrazy used to be a kodi add-on which would help parents to play cartoons and tv programs for kids.

Today when everything is turning digital, we miss those times but this post is here to excite you since we are going to be sharing the best cartooncrazy alternatives so that you are always in touch with your favorite cartoon characters.

15 Cartooncrazy Alternatives 2023


WATCH CARTOON ONLINE is a top ranking alternative for sites like CartoonCrazy. This website is mostly preferred by cartoon addicts and anime lovers. At this site, you get an innumerable number of choices to select from a wide collection of animeTV shows, movies, and other cartoon shows.

However, WatchCartoonOnline is a paid website and the first choice of many online cartoon show lovers. Overall, it is an elementary cartoon cum anime streaming channel.

Furthermore, this site has been the talk in the world of best online cartoon content. The good part of this site is you can enjoy watching your favourite cartoon show with subtitles and dubbed in a language of your choice.

It has a simple, well-managed, and user-friendly interface. Another striking feature of using this site is that you can enlist your cartoons and anime. Plus, you can mark the favourite ones among them.

Lastly, you can take its subscription to get notifications on the upcoming seasons or new episodes.

2. AnimeShow

AnimeShow is another cartooncrazy alternative. This site is quite relevant among the anime addicts, who have been watching Japanese anime for years now.

This anime streaming platform is well-framed with anime shows of multiple genres including comedy, action, horror, adventure, drama, fantasy, echo, school, shoujo, mechanical, romance, space slice of life, vampire, mystery, and a never ending list of others.

AnimeShow has an immense number of anime show collections in its database. It offers different choices to the young adults and the newcomers. Added to that, this website gives minimum display ads compared to the other related sites.


KISSCARTOONS is a quite popular cartoon streaming channel. If you are looking for a website that offers personalized cartoon watching experience, then this is it.

You will not have to register to this website to access its cartoon contents. However, if you do so, then you get an added advantage of being notified about the upcoming anime seasons, teasers of your favourite shows, and more.

The best thing about this website is you will not have to pay for watching any of the anime shows. Everything on this channel is systematically organized based on the niches- – providing top-notch user experience.

The only setback of Kiss Cartoon is that it does not have an infinity screen. The sidebars on either side of the screen are loaded with commercial ads. You will also love a great website called KissAnime mobile that can be used to stream cartoons for free.

4. Masterani

Coming to Masterani, it is another popular cum superior website on the list. It is simply meant for the true anime addicts. The site only offers English dubbed anime shows absolutely for free.

With a wider inventory of anime shows of multiple genres, you will never get bored of watching the same shows time and again. Like the other related websites, Masterani offers high definition quality cartoon contents.

This user-friendly website is too simple to browse to find your favourite anime show. Every movie content along with the other shows are categorized under different groups so it’s easier to find what you want.


If you are looking for a cartoon channel which you can directly access online and won’t have to download, then OTAKU STREAM is for you. This website lets you search for your favourite cartoon content without a hassle.

This anime site is a community-based streaming channel that lets you request to watch any anime series or season. Also, you can comment on those videos.

The light and dark feature of this anime website allows you to select the screen mode on the basis of day or night. Otaku Stream is best known for its excellent user interface and user experience. The reason is it blocks unnecessary display ads from appearing on the homepage.

You are free to sign up on this site via your Twitter or Facebook account.

6. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is heaven to the ultimate anime lovers. It is also a good substitute for cartoon sites like CartoonCrazy. Anime Freak offers an uncountable number of anime series.

This anime collection consists of the following- Rainbow, Naruto, Hero Mask, Goblin Silver, Haikyuu, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, One-piece, Queen’s Blade Unlimited, and many other anime.

Apart from the free dubbed and subtitled anime series, you get the facility of browsing through a massive category of anime shows. Those categories include newer and popular anime, various genres, etc.

7. GoGoAnime

The GoGoAnime website is quite suitable for people who have been watching Japanese anime shows for a long time. It is again a good replacement for CartoonCrazy like sites.

This website is easy to navigate and comes free. You can experience an unlimited number of streaming with zero irritation from commercial ads.

This website is an ideal option for those who prefer watching the anime series and others offline at any time. So, it saves much time for the viewers rather than waiting for the show to stream online.

Lastly, it facilitates the users to watch the anime series as per their preferred dubbing and subtitle options. The site contents are of HD quality. Plus, you will not have to sign up on GogoAnime to watch the anime shows . GoGoAnime is one of the great websites like cartoon crazy.


KIM CARTOON is one of the most sought cartoon sites these days for its issueless online cartoon streaming. The good thing about this site is that it offers cartoon shows of various genres including supernatural, action, adventure, war, and many more.

What makes this website different from the others is you can directly download your favourite cartoon shows without requiring to pay. Moreover, if you are looking for a particular cartoon episode that is not available on this website, then you can request it here.

The website is both mobile and user friendly. So, it is easy to browse this site to find your desired cartoon series.

9. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is the best anime site in terms of smooth online streaming. As the name of this website indicates, you get a huge collection of anime series. So, it is basically an anime lover website.

You can browse the anime episodes of your choice by easy navigation on this site. Simply, open the website, navigate to the search dialog, and type the name of your desired anime show on the search bar that you want to watch.

Overall, it lets you pick out your favourite anime videos from the list of more than 40,000 legal streaming anime clips. It offers a wider list of anime series and episodes for adults, kids, and people of other age groups.


ANIME TOON is the last alternative for CartoonCrazy on the list. The website is simple to use. Plus, it has an easier user interface, making this site smoothly accessible.

Availability of a larger number of animated movies followed by dubbed cartoon series, makes it one of the best on the list. You can get anime series of any genre ranging from comedy, action to adventure, and many others.

Not just that, but this site also offers you with a feature through which you can request for a show that is not available on that site. Lastly, while searching for your desired anime content, you will be given streaming suggestions that relate to your search.

11. Kiss Anime

For fans of anime throughout the world, this website is among the most popular ones. Kiss Anime is one of the largest distributors of anime series under one roof with several servers.

Even better, you may get the information for free right from their website. You can expect anything from God Eater to Infinite Dendrogram. To the surprise of all anime enthusiasts, even almost extinct materials like One Piece and Naruto Shippuden are also available.

12. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven has a huge selection of comics and anime series from around the world available for you if you want to immerse yourself in the fantastical and enjoyable world of anime and cartoons. It claims to release all the most recent episodes in high quality before anybody else can get their hands on them. It specializes in anime-based material.

Anime Heaven is one of the top cartoon streaming sites, offering a safe, high-quality service that has delighted fans for many years. The website’s outdated European edition, its most basic version, now has a Russian network and interface. More site space and the most recent para-dubbed and subtitled episodes are updated on the new website.

13. CartoonsOn

For all, CartoonsOn is an excellent alternative to Cartoon Crazy. It’s not difficult to find anything on your screen, thanks to the great layout. They have created categories to make it easier for you to locate what you want to watch. The cartoons on this page are not only the most recent, but the layout is also excellent. This website also offers movies from renowned studios.

14. JustDubs

This webpage features the most recent content. To view the anime you want, JustDubs allows you to filter it out depending on the genres you enjoy. Both subtitled and dubbed episodes are accessible on the internet in High Quality. Moreover, if you believe viewing the movie online won’t load faster, you may download the individual episodes of the shows.

15. Anime Rhino

It is among the finest websites for streaming cartoons. You may search through a huge list of cartoons to find your favorites. You may download or view the whole episodes of the TV show on this website. HD versions of the dubbed content are also available. You don’t need to worry about not understanding Japanese anime or manga because subtitles are available. You may easily download any content for free, and everything is legal.


1. Why did Cartoon Crazy become so popular?

For fans of cartoons and anime, it is among the most popular websites. The site Cartoon Crazy is well-recognized for featuring various genres.

2. How Do I Get Rid of Pop-Up Ads on These Sites?

Additionally, CartoonCrazy offers a clean and smooth streaming experience. Typically, there aren’t any bothersome pop-ups while the video is playing.

3. What Are the Best Alternative Sites to Cartoon Crazy?

Some of the best alternative sites to Cartoon Crazy include:

  • Anime Rhino
  • JustDubs
  • CartoonsOn
  • Anime Heaven
  • Kiss Anime

4. How Do You Choose Which Site Is the Best For You?

Choosing the best site depends on what kind of humor, content, and art style you like. You must choose reliable sites where you can enjoy a great streaming experience.


We have compiled this list of the best alternatives to CartoonCrazy after intense research and testing since many of the alternatives don’t really work. These 15 options are the best to watch cartoons in 2023. Go ahead and stream your favorite cartoon characters shows.

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