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Ray Liotta, the lovable criminal from the movie Goodfellas who also was Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams and Field of Dreams, has passed away. While filming a film in the Dominican Republic, his fiancee discovered him dead in his hotel room. Ray passed away while asleep. It was yet another instance in the realm of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, the new medical condition that confuses Australian medical professionals.

One thing is certain. was not a thing to have anything to do with COVID-19 or any of the vaccines, as per PolitiFact Fact-checker Ciara O’Rourke. In addition, Ciara is a much more experienced fact-checker than the other doctors. For one thing, Ciara graduated from Western Washington University with an education in French along with journalism. She has written for such journals like The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Seattle Met as well as utilizes her skills to solve the mystery surrounding Ray Liotta’s disappearance.

In her article in Politifact In a report titled ” No, Ray Liotta didn’t die from the COVID-19 vaccine,” she states that “Ray Liotta’s cause of death is known but not yet public according to the actor’s publicist, and it has nothing to do with COVID-19 or the COVID-19 vaccines.”

Always professional and scientific in her reporting, Ciara carefully chooses her words “Claims that Liotta was a victim of the vaccine are not true. We’re awestruck by these tweets. Pants On Fire.”

Liotta’s top films were rated in the Independent Independent as they were:

  1. Goodfellas (1990)

  2. Blow (2001)

  3. Narc (2002)

  4. Field of Dreams (1989)

  5. Marriage Story (2019)

  6. The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)

  7. Identity (2003)

  8. The Many Saints of Newark (2021)

  9. Cop Land (1997)

  10. Something Wild (1986)

Although everyone is familiar with Liotta’s charming looks and charisma, many don’t realize the difficulties he faced. Born as a baby, Ray was unusually close to his mother, who died of cancer while filming Goodfellas.

Liotta said, ” I went to bed that night and, fortunately, I was at the scene when she passed away, practically within my arms. I’ve never really discussed this. My mom was from New Jersey. Every weekend, I would visit her. Her death occurred while filming. Filming a movie with the character she played was a dream fulfilled. However, I do have mixed opinions about the experience.”

The director Martin Scorsese explained how Ray was determined to finish an entire scene before he went to visit his dying adoptive mother.

” I told him that he needed to leave her and the man was insistent that he wanted to complete the scene prior to leaving. The set was walked out and everyone was informed of the story and something amazing happened as we started rolling. The entire scene revolved around the excitement of the performers following their first major score, and the entire cast came together in a bond of emotion around Ray As everyone was celebrating and laughing but mourning his plight at the same. Tears and laughter, tears as well as tears … all all the same. Ray performed the scene perfectly, and then went in the direction of his loved mother. It was a unique moment.”

Family members as well as the fiancees of Ray Liotta, a man with no medical history His death is an unsettling experience. Unfortunately, sudden death while you sleep is becoming a major issue for the healthy, and many think about the connection to vaccines. A number of outspoken and highly respected medical professionals have strongly condemned these mRNA vaccines for being untested and causes of infertility, DNA mutations as well as immune suppression and associated massive increases for heart attacks, cancer as well as sudden deaths. The issue has been extensively documented by Dr. Peter McCullough in his book, The Courage to Facing COVID-19 which aims to prevent hospitalization and death while battling The Biopharmaceutical Complex.

However, the most persuasive argument that the FDA, NIH, and Big Media can muster to fight the hordes of information generated from these specialists is naming with one word: Anti Vaxxer!

I think that’s like the FDA telling people that using Ivermectin to treat a repurposed disease is similar to using “horse medicine.” The tale of Ivermectin and its creator Dr. Pierre Kory, and its heroes is the stuff of legend , and is told in my novel Ivermectin to The World.

But what’s the truth? Apart from name-calling and low-cost shots, what do the research in medical science reveal? Is it Sudden Adult Death Syndrome?

According to BSFQH the Australian publication Sudden Adult Death Syndrome can be described as a broad term used to describe sudden deaths among the young or healthy individuals. The researchers who have been baffled are following an official national registry to monitor this new disease. The doctors at Melbourne’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute developed the country’s SADS registry. It was just recently began collecting data regarding this sudden death condition.

In a June piece published about the mysterious condition, BSFQH wrote that SADS events aren’t limited to Australia but are becoming recognized throughout the world. For instance, Commonwealth Games cyclist John Paul, a former World Champion, died suddenly in his sleep at the age of 28.

The doctor. Paratz, cardiologist and researcher at Melbourne’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, said, ” The majority of SADS incidents, which is 90 percent are not in the hospital and the patient doesn’t get through it, so ambulance personnel as well as forensics (are) taking care of the patients. If someone suffers an attack on their heart and you perform an autopsy, you may find a clot. This is an excellent result, but in the event of any of these SADS incidents, the heart is clean and healthy.”

It makes sense when you’re dealing with an elite athlete such as John Paul, whose heart must be in top condition to pump blood required to cycle at a high level. It’s clear that John Paul’s heart was not his heart, which means it could have been another factor that led to his death.

Andrea Dorno, 26, San Lorenzo Basketball captain, “died in his bed” on the 22nd of March 2022.

Oliver Vaux, 20 canoe captain and a third-year physics student from Scotland was found dead in the night during a trip on a canoe within the French Alps. He died May 26 2022, which was the same day that Ray Liotta died.

“It was on a canoeing holiday in the French Alps that he died in his sleep surrounded by friends, after spending the day on the river doing what he loved.”

Oliver was an astrophysicist in the making. The press described him as a warm and caring person who was “passionate about science and shared his knowledge about stardust to all who knew him and loved him. He was an A-student. Dr. Hamid Ohadi reported, “Oliver was an exemplary student. He was a rare combination of intelligence and hard work, but also incredibly polite and mindful of his impact and words on others around him.”

Beyond Hollywood cyclists, actors and astrophysicists in the making All over the world, beloved family members are dying due to unknown causes in record amounts.

We should not be quick to conclude that this is in any way to be related to the COVID-19 vaccines unless one wants to be disenfranchised, de-platformed, or worse , from those who profit from these injections, or those whose goals are based on their continued and widespread use.

And yet, insurers of life have seen significant increases in the number of deaths in the younger and employed people between the ages of 19 and 49..

It’s not even mentioning that active-duty military personnel have experienced huge increases in their death rates. According to lawyer Todd Callender, the mortality rate for United States military personnel rose 1100% during the 10 months prior to 2021’s start..

Callender explains that the age range of these personnel range from 18 and 40. She stated the fact that an indictment that involved the 20,000 members has already been filed. However, there has been no investigation of serious importance.

” That’s called a conspiracy; It’s a very grand conspiracy,” Callender said.

The doctor. Lee Merritt, an orthopedic surgeon for the military in the US Navy, also spoke about the issue “With the vaccination program, we’ve apparently killed more young active-duty personnel than COVID did..

Callender clarified, ” This is genocide and we have been saying that from the beginning. One way to view this is to look at it from a simple angle. If you go through all the documentation available – Pfizer document – “We performed mass spectrometry analysis on their vials and are aware of what’s inside these bottles.”

He further stated, “They couldn’t slip these particles of lipids, which are in reality, tiny bombers that contain pathogenic proteins to trigger genetic modification within the person or gene therapy as they refer to it. In order to allow these particles past your cellular defense, the body’s natural defenses they need to weaken the immune system. They succeeded in doing that. It’s all over the scientific research papers. The only thing they can’t do is reverse that.”

To help the reader who is interested, a running list of deaths that occurred recently for healthy and young people is available, together with hyperlinks to the news article about the cause of each one.

In the month of June 2022 the following deaths have been documented:

1. Maicol Orlando (36) The amateur football player, passed away unintentionally in the bed.

2. Super Bowl Champ and actor of Sopranos Tony (Goose) Siragusa (55) was a former American Football player of the Indianapolis Colts who played for 13 seasons. He died at his home.

3. Fabricio Navarro (21), Atletico Tucuman football player, passed away after experiencing a cardiac arrest while sleeping.

4. Marion (The Barbarian) Barber (38), the former Dallas Cowboys American Football player was found dead inside his home. The cause of death is still unknown.

5. Giacomo Gorenszach (25) is an Italian athlete who played at the local club. He passed away at home in a sudden manner.

In May 2022 In May 2022, these SADS cases are listed:

1. Andrea Murtas (31), Volvera Rugby Union player, passed away Ray Liotta unexpectedly at home.

2. Ewan Hitchell (45), an athlete, was training for a 100-mile race to benefit charity, and was healthy, but prior to the scheduled start time, Hitchell was killed at home in a sudden manner.

3. Alex Luzardo (41) is a former baseball participant and police officer. He was a part of several amateur leagues. He died at home suddenly.

4. Gregorio Pagliucoli (44), former Montevarchi Calcio football player and the coach of the moment, passed away suddenly in his sleep.

5. Gianluca Schettino (16), a promising and talented footballer who collapsed due to a cardiac arrest at home and passed away.

However, I’d like to warn anyone who wishes to declare something obvious, to remain aware because Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates as well as the other members from the World Economic Forum might be angry. They have an story to tell and a great Reset to achieve in 2030. By then, you’ll have nothing to do and be content.

Late physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko reported that Dr. Zelenko, as well as Dr. Bryan Ardis, had been put in the assassination “hit” list along with other doctors who propagated the virus of vaccine Hesitancy [4:10 9:45, 13:30, 13:00].

Because they are able to speak truth about the advantages of early outpatient care as well as the risks associated with vaccines they challenge the narrative.

Dr. Zelenko’s invention of repurposed drugs, like Hydroxychloroquine that can effectively treat COVID-19 has been extensively covered in the publication Fighting Cancer COVID-19 and the Repurposed Pharmaceutical Revolution that was released in July of 2020.

Hydroxychloroquine, under the care of Dr. Zev Zelenko, Dr. Brian Tyson, and Dr. George Fareed, has saved thousands of lives. The story is documented well in the book The Battle to Overcome the Darkness of COVID The Story of Two Doctors Who Saved 707 Patients.

Similar to the Mob depicted in Goodfellas It pays to stay away  Ray Liotta from getting into the wrong party of the Mafia. If they are a fan of you and they take part in their games, you can reap many rewards. However, should you step against them, then you may take the route in the footsteps of ” Billy Batts” Bentvena.

But, the best and most effective solution for everyone and with the least risk for you as the reader, is to adhere to Dr. Zelenko’s instructions that he has given in his bed. He recommends the long-standing and effective method that was a part of MLK and Gandhi civil non-violence.

“We require civil disobedience to be organized. Don’t comply. They aren’t able to lock everyone up. They aren’t able to expel all of them. They aren’t able to expel all of them. They’re not able to lock down everybody. There are many more than them [57.35.”

In reality, Henry Hill, who Ray Liotta played, was compensated $480,000 for the right to use his name. The actor Robert DeNiro picked Henry’s brain by calling him numerous times throughout each day. Ray was listening to FBI recordings of Henry to help him get his voice right. The cast didn’t meet Hill until the day after the film’s premiere , when Hill finally got to meet Ray at an unidentified location , and told Liotta that the actor was thrilled with his performance.

When I think of Ray Liotta, it is hard to not help but observe how the Mafia as well as the new one called the WEF are very similar.

The only thing that this affects is me, you, and the whole world, not only New Jersey or New York City. This also impacts all of our descendants. It doesn’t even kill with a gun. It does it using a needle.

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