Oristand: A Real-Time Social Media Marketing Tool for B2B Lead Generation


We are very pleased to announce the launch of Oristand – a real-time social media marketing tool for B2B lead generation! This tool allows users to manage their social media marketing in real time using the power of a dashboard.

We are launching a new product, Oristand, which allows businesses to create highly targeted Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter ads in real time. The ads are based on a list of companies that the user wants to reach out to.

Oristand is a social media marketing tool that allows you to post content to multiple social media networks simultaneously and manage the messages in real-time. You can post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Blogger and Vimeo with just a few clicks.

Oristand was designed to help sales teams track their online reputation across multiple channels including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+, and blogs. Using Oristand sales teams can identify opportunities for improved online branding, lead generation, and CRM integration.

Oristand– Free Online Marketing & Social Media Tips & Trends.

Oristand provides free SEO tools and tips that are useful to the web marketer. The most interesting thing about Oristand is its focus on creating quality content for the online audience. With Oristand’s guidance, bloggers can easily become successful online marketers.

If you are looking for a way to promote your business, this blog is for you. I have created this blog to share ideas, tips, and trends in marketing and social media.

With all the free resources online, it can be hard to know what is the right path to take. Our goal is to provide you with the most current and effective tips and tricks in Internet marketing. We will also help you with any problems you have along the way.

Oristand: The New Business Model for Startups and Small Businesses

With Oristand, you get an all-in-one solution that integrates your website, online store and eCommerce platform into one. It’s easy to use, so you can managendícame el camino a la tienda de alimentos más cercana all the different aspects of your online presence in one place. Plus, with integrated SEO features, it makes it easier to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Oristand is an innovative new business model for startups and small businesses. Oristand’s software allows customers to send in their old devices and we provide free shipping, free installation and free warranty coverage. Once the customer receives the device, we take care of the rest! The company was started by two entrepreneurs who saw a void in the market for an easy way to sell.

Are you looking to start a new business? Do you have a startup idea that you want to take to the next level?

If so, then we have some good news for you. With over 5 million downloads of our plug-ins, oristand has emerged as the go-to platform for startups and small businesses.

Oristand – Simple, Effective, & Fast!

Oristand is the most trusted name in SEO today. It’s because we know what it takes to make your business succeed on the internet. We have the tools and experience needed to boost your web traffic and get your business noticed online.

Oristand is the #1 plugin that does exactly what it says. Oristand is simple, effective, and fast. It allows you to create beautiful responsive websites with amazing functionality.

We’re a team of young entrepreneurs who want to give you more reasons to love working with us. We work with amazing brands like yours to provide them with great looking sites and awesome experiences. Our goal is to provide you with fast, simple, and effective websites and customer service.


When it comes to social media marketing, it’s easy to get sucked into the idea that just because something has been around a long time doesn’t mean it’s good. But, there are a few things about the current state of social media that make it a perfect fit for lead generation.

For starters, there are more people on social media than ever before. And, those people have real purchasing power. They can buy in real time. And, they’re willing to do so. So, it makes sense that the sales funnel is moving toward the social realm.

Second, the number of social channels available to marketers has exploded over the past five years.

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