William Langston Thornton, A Man Who Wrote The Whole Book Of Poems


Thornton was born in 1832 in Virginia, USA. He began writing poems at the age of 14 and by the age of 17, he had composed over 50 pieces. In his early days, he wrote only religious and historical poems. Then, he started to write light-hearted poems that were set to music. In time, he became known as the father of modernity.

William Langston Thornton was born in Virginia in 1832. He was born with a cleft lip and palate. The first books he ever wrote were a collection of poems about his experiences as a child, called “The Lyrics Of A Coal Black Boy.” Thornton died at the age of 38 in 1871.

A man who wrote the whole book of poems, and most of it, too. His life was very interesting and his career was one of the most influential in the history of the world. Born on October 5, 1829, William Langston Thornton was an American poet, writer, abolitionist, and educator. He had a strong interest in African-American culture.

William Langston Thornton, The Father of Black Theology

William Langston Thornton was the father of black theology and a theologian and activist who founded the National Association of Colored Women and the National Association of Colored Men. He was also a prolific writer of books, essays, poems, plays, and more.

Thornton’s life was filled with adversity and struggle but he persevered through it all to become one of the most influential black theologians of the nineteenth century. He was born a slave in Kentucky and was sold to his owner’s son. His owner’s son and his wife separated shortly after the purchase of Thornton and his brother.

William Langston Thornton is often known as the father of black theology, but his name was actually William L. Thornton. He was born in 1855 in Virginia and died in 1927. He was an ordained minister at Howard University, and was one of the first people to advocate for the equality of all races.

William Langston Thornton – An American Genius Who Died Young

William Langston Thornton (1864-1924) was an American architect who created the first modern skyscraper in the United States. He was also the first African American to receive a PhD in Architecture.

We’re pleased to bring you this post from the blog of the man who designed the famous “Walking Man” and his other sculptures. In addition to his famous work, William Langston Thornton (1885-1954) also taught at the Art Students League in New York City.

William Langston Thornton Was A Renaissance Man Who Changed The World

This site explores the life of William Langston Thornton, a man who changed the world. From a college professor to a diplomat, he wrote, lectured and advocated for African American rights and literacy for over 40 years. He also created a community center that became the most prominent African-American cultural center in the country. We take a look at his achievements and life.

William Langston Thornton was a Renaissance man who changed the world through his unique ideas, inventions, and achievements. He left a lasting legacy that will impact the way we live forever.

William Langston Thornton was a Renaissance man who helped found the modern art movement. He was also a successful architect, inventor, historian, social reformer and educator. This post details his life and his works.

William Langston Thornton was a renaissance man who changed the world for good. He not only had a successful career in banking, he was also a poet, a businessman, an inventor, and an abolitionist. He was also an educator, author, and founder of the Hampton Institute.


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