Why Chris & Robbie Left Shipping Wars


Shipping Wars is the #1 show in daytime television and we know there are a lot of people out there that would love to be on this show. Well, Chris and Robbie decided to leave the show to start their own new adventure. They are starting a business together called “Why Chris & Robbie Left Shipping Wars”.

We have decided to open up a separate blog in order to give readers an inside look at the decisions that were made during the development of our new project.

After years of working in the shipping industry, Chris and Robbie decided it was time to leave the shipping wars behind and pursue their new career as a couple of web designers, bloggers and podcasters. They created Shipping Wars on May 10th, 2012. In this podcast, they share some of their adventures in web design and talk about how they got started in the first place.

We are shipping wars, and we are no longer with the company. After several years, we left shipping wars in search of other employment. We found it difficult to stay loyal to one company and its products.

Shipping Wars, Chris & Robbie: Why They Quit After A Year

Shipping Wars is an American reality show that pits two shipping companies against each other to deliver the most packages in a set period of time. The winner receives $100,000 and gets to keep the $50,000 prize money. The series premiered on ABC Family on April 26, 2009. Each episode of the first season was 30 minutes long.

A very successful webmaster, Chris, wanted to give up his lucrative business so he could work on a hobby he was passionate about. He was a fan of Shipping Wars but he was not interested in the day-to-day running of a shipping company.

The boys are back in their old stomping grounds at Shipping Wars, where they spend six months living like kings with the help of their new friends. In the meantime, Chris and Robbie continue to make their way through the competition. Will this be the end of the show? Read our exclusive post to find out!

Why Chris and Robbie Left Shipping Wars: Why The Show Wasn’t The Same Without Them

Chris and Robbie were both part of the cast of Shipping Wars, which premiered in 2013. The show followed the ups and downs of three entrepreneurs competing for a $50,000 prize. But before they joined the show, they owned their own business selling handmade goods.

Chris and Robbie left Shipping Wars in early May to pursue new projects. This was one of the biggest announcements to ever hit the Shipping Wars airwaves, and we wanted to explain why.

Shipping Wars was a show that showcased some of the most interesting and bizarre deals people made to ship their items across the country. However, after the departure of Chris and Robbie, it felt like the show lost its magic. So we decided to bring back the most entertaining moments from Season 1 of Shipping Wars.

Chris and Robbie left the show to pursue other interests. In this post, we discuss the reasons why Chris and Robbie decided to leave the show. We also talk about what they plan to do in the future, including what they’re currently working on and the projects that they hope to get involved with.

Why Chris and Robbie Left Shipping Wars, and How You Can Too

Shipping Wars was one of the original reality television shows and ran for 10 years. The show focused on the lives of three families who were part of a shipping company, and they had to work together while living in the same house. Each family would have their own challenges with their jobs and everyday life. The show aired for 10 seasons and ended in 2015.

We started Shipping Wars because we knew there was a real need for something like it. We’re still friends with the founders of Shipping Wars, but we left because we wanted to do something bigger and better.

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