How to Deal With a Narcissistic Boss: Advice from Christina Zilber of ‘The Boss Lady’


Christina Zilber is the author of the book, The Boss Lady, as well as a popular blogger at She has been featured in publications such as Forbes Magazine, The Huffington Post, Business Insider and many others. Her book, The Boss Lady, was a Wall Street Journal bestseller in April of 2011.

If you are the boss or work with a narcissistic boss, there are some strategies that can help you deal with a boss who feels entitled to your time, attention, and energy.

The narcissistic boss is the boss who exhibits an extreme amount of attention seeking behaviour. A narcissist has a distorted view of reality which makes them believe they are special, better than other people and that the world revolves around them.

Christina Zilber’s Guide To Getting Through A Crisis

Christina Zilber’s Guide to Getting Through A Crisis is a step-by-step guide to help people through any crisis situation. She has put all her knowledge to work in this guide. She shares tips on coping with stress, dealing with anxiety and depression, managing panic attacks, learning about the brain, learning about meditation, how to sleep better, and

Christina Zilber has been through a lot in her life – she’s dealt with the loss of both her parents and marriage, and has faced serious health challenges including a near-fatal stroke and a kidney transplant. In her book, “Getting Through A Crisis,” Christina shares her personal journey from crisis to coping, including practical strategies for dealing

A guide to help people through their most challenging times, like the loss of a loved one or an emergency medical situation, plus tips to help with the aftermath.

Christina Zilber has been the subject of countless news stories and online blogs. She is the founder of the Center for Health and Healing, a treatment center located in Southern California. Zilber also works with people who are dealing with physical, mental or spiritual challenges.

Christina Zilber: A Woman Who Can’t Sleep Without Her Coffee (and Other Coffee Drinks)

Christina is the author of the book “How to Wake Up With Your Eyes Closed – And Still Get Out of Bed”, which helps people overcome their insomnia. The book was inspired by her own struggles with sleeplessness and she wanted to share the knowledge she learned along the way with others. She has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post,

Christina Zilber is the founder of the popular “Coffee, Tea and Kombucha” blog. On her site, she shares how she makes coffee with her special blend of beans, teas, and kombucha.

Christina Zilber: How To Get The Most Out Of Life!

I am the founder of Blogging For The Soul, a website dedicated to helping people find the meaning in life and the way they want to live it. In my journey to understanding this, I have realized that there are some basic principles in life that can guide us to a better and happier life. This blog is meant to show people those principles.

Christina Zilber: How To Become A Successful Writer Without Asking For Money

Many people dream of becoming a successful writer, but the reality is very different. Most people fail because they don’t have enough resources to make it happen. I didn’t succeed until I finally had enough resources to make it work. You can follow this simple step-by-step plan and become a successful writer without asking for money.

In this blog post she shares her tips on how to become a successful writer without asking for money.

Christina Zilber is a self-published author, speaker, writer, and designer. In this guest post she shares her story of how she became successful without asking for money.

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