Nowadays, digital marketing companies can take advantage of the internet to generate more opportunities which can then translate into business translating into sales. There are many ways said companies can go about bringing your business to the forefront of its industry however, search engine optimization (or SEO) and Google ads which falls under a type of search engine marketing, are two of them. Search engines use bots to go through every corner of the internet to gather and stock information they come across and then organize this data neatly into an index.

The job of SEO company is then to use the knowledge they have on this index to come up with and implement marketing strategies that will lead your website to the top of search engines. By combining this knowledge with good content, hyperlink and more, SEO professionals drive traffic consistently to your website. Following a pay per click pricing model, advertisers can pay to broadcast services and products in both search engine results along with mobile apps, videos and more. Using cookies and keywords determined by advertisers to function, google ads then uses this information to promote ads to your target audience again, driving traffic to your website.

Thousands if not billions of people search the internet every day, this represents a huge customer pool for the many companies out there. Leveraging this opportunity is more than a game changer, it’s a necessity for all businesses today. SEO services aim to organically, that is without paying, increase your ranking among search engine results. The aim of a business that utilizes Google ads in comparison is, to be guaranteed to have a chance at showing up among the first results in search engine results as advertisers pay to be seen by their target audience. Because you pay for this service, Google ads put at your disposal tools that allow you to specifically define your target audience increasing your chances of your business being promoted to someone who is likely to click, an event which might convert into a sale. Search engine optimization and google ads differ in a clear way, one is organic or natural and the other is “unnatural” or paid for. 

Taking a look at the situation objectively, it seems evident that Google ads cannot be a long-term solution as it’s not nearly as feasible financially as SEO. Although it can take time to build your base and reap the benefits of SEO (anywhere from six to nine months), it’s an investment that will be worth your while in the long term besides, if you’re going to take time to figure out the keywords associated to your niche, it would be more effective to devote all that energy to something that will be consistent and everlasting, two things Google ads cannot ensure. Despite being able to temporarily increase your opportunities exponentially, SEO marketing remains the most effective method against the stand of time. 

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