Horizontal Labret Piercing: A Brief History of an Old Fashioned Piercing


You’ll find out how it’s done! You’ll learn about the history of this piercing and all the different styles available. Learn which jewelry works best for piercing and how to care for your piercing jewelry.

The Horizontal Labret Piercing was one of the first ear piercings to be invented in the early 1900’s. The Horizontal Piercing is an ideal piercing that provides the wearer with a very classy and sophisticated look.

We have been offering Horizontal Labret Piercings since the late 90s. It has been a huge part of our business since then. We offer different sizes and styles to accommodate each individual. We offer it at our New York City shop, as well as online via Etsy, so people around the world can get their labret pierced.

In the modern day of fashion, we have seen a rise in the popularity of all things beauty related. One of those trends is the popularity of the piercing craze. Piercing has been around since the times of ancient Rome, but it really started to gain popularity in the mid to late 1800’s. Back then, the trend was only popular with sailors, sailors who

Horizontal labrets, or “diamond” piercings, are one of the most popular types of body jewelry today.

How To Get A Horizontal Labret Piercing In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible

On this blog, you will learn how to get a horizontal labret piercing in the shortest amount of time possible.

This is one of my favorite blogs. If you have never had a labret piercing, you are missing out. I have never seen anyone so obsessed with getting a piercing. This blog is all about finding the best, most efficient place to get them. It’s also a great read if you are thinking about getting them yourself.

How to get a horizontal labret piercing in the shortest amount of time possible! This blog will be all about how to make your piercing look nice and natural as well as how to minimize the pain, and it is written by the author of The Piercing Bible.

How To Do A Horizontal Labret Piercing

On this blog, you can find information on how to do a horizontal labret piercing. There are some step-by-step instructions on how to do it properly. Also, we have included the list of materials that are required.

The piercing is the most common way to enhance your appearance, however many girls get their ears pierced without knowing how to do it or where to get it done. Our blog will teach you how to do a horizontal labret piercing, so you can have one done and not feel like you’re in pain.

How to Get a Piercing: A Step-By-Step Guide

This post shows the step by step process of how to get a piercing in your nose, lip, eyebrow or tongue. You can do it yourself at home with local anesthesia and at a doctor’s office using an IV. If you want to avoid the pain and swelling that come from piercing your ear, this post shows how to do it without any pain. It includes how to

Piercing involves the insertion of a solid or hollow object through the skin. This could be any part of the body such as the ear, nose, lip, eyebrow, or nipple. There are different types of piercings, and we have some suggestions for which ones might work best for you. You can check out our post on How to get a Piercing if you

Horizontal Labret Piercing: Is This Trend Here To Stay?

In the past couple of years, it has become extremely popular among women.

Horizontal labret piercings are becoming increasingly common, but whether or not this trend is here to stay is still up for debate.

Horizontal labret piercing involves the insertion of an earring directly through the top of the earlobe. The technique was first performed in the early 1920s by French doctors.

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